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Simple Kid’s Gift: DIY Fort Kit

DIY Fort Kit

I can’t be the only one who struggles with buying gifts for kids. I mean, I’m totally fine with figuring out what to give my own kid. But I’m talking about other kids – my kid’s friends, my friend’s kids, or family members who we don’t see often. Their interests are always changing and I never know what they’re currently into, so I just put off buying a gift. I always wait until the last minute and then try to…

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Make it at Home Simplify Life

Sew Simple: Easy Drawstring Bag

Sew Simple_Drawstring Bag

Our little one has a thing for collecting rocks. Everywhere we go, she’s on the hunt. Gravel driveways: Beware. She likes to shove them in her pockets, but quickly runs out of room after just a few minutes of collecting. Then she’ll put them in pockets and other hidden crevices of our clothing. Of course, I don’t find them until it’s too late. My poor washing machine has been taking a beating. We were getting desperate for another rock collection solution. So when I came across this tutorial…

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Live Intentionally

Rethinking How We Spend: Money is Time

Money is Time

We’ve all heard it a million times before: Time is money, people! In other words, stop wasting time so we can save money. Yes, it’s true. Time and money are completely intertwined. If you work, you’re paid a certain amount of money based on the time you give to a job. You trade your time for money. It’s a slippery slope, too. If you trade enough of your time for money, you might not have any time left over for…

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Expense Reports

Where Did it Go? 2016 Recap

Where did it go? 2016 Recap

It’s been a few months since I’ve checked in with a recap of how we’ve spent our resources. Our little family gradually adjusted after our move in August and the many changes that came with it. We definitely needed some time to settle in to our new life, but we’re starting to see a new normal. Normal enough, thankfully, that I can carve out some more time for this little hobby blog of mine. Our 2016 Transition Now that we’ve been…

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Simplify Life Spend Less

Unpaper Towels & Family Cloth: How to Make the Switch & Why You’d Want to

Eliminating Paper Products

I hate throwing money away. I mean it. I hate it. And I don’t use the word hate lightly. Is a frugal living blogger really writing about how she dislikes wasting money? I know, groundbreaking stuff. But seriously, it’s the worst. A big part of our goal to have more freedom in our lives is to reduce the amount of money we need to make to survive each month. Why would I commit my time to working to make money only to turn around and throw…

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Babies Simplify Parenting

Where Does a Newborn Sleep?

I was ready to be a mom long before I became pregnant. I’ve been around kids my whole life. I knew about the soft spot on their head and meconium poop. I was prepared to burp my baby after feeding to avoid spit up and work around their umbilical cord for a few weeks. I’d already begun to collect resources to learn about cloth diapers and breastfeeding. Yet there was one question I couldn’t seem to get a clear answer to: Where does…

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Expense Reports

Where Did it Go? August 2016

This summer flew by. August was a blur of packing, unpacking, paperwork and logistics. We are glad to have the moving process behind us, although there are still quite a few boxes left to be unpacked. Although it flew by, August was a very busy month for us. We moved our home and my business. Baby Bear’s language has exploded; she is saying all sorts of new words. Mountain Papa left his full-time position and we’ve made some significant strides towards reducing…

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