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Hi, there.

I’m Melissa, AKA Simple Mountain Mama. I want to help you spend less and save time so you can have the freedom to live the life you want to live.

Can you imagine a completely free life? One where you don’t live for the weekend because your Tuesdays are as unscheduled as your Saturdays? Where you don’t have to try to squeeze the full-time job of running a household into the few hours a day you aren’t spent at work? A life where you can be present for each of your child’s big life moments – the good and the bad?

This is what I dream of.

Our Family Journey

My family wants to create a slow, simple family life where the demands of our jobs are minimal. Our dream is to build a homestead where we can spend our days together and in nature.About Image

The steps we plan to take:

  1. Decrease expenses.
  2. Build our passive income.
  3. Pay off debt.
  4. Build savings for the purchase of our property.
  5. Purchase our land and start homesteading.

While the end goal for us is to have more time and not necessarily more money, living a frugal lifestyle with minimal monthly expenses is essential to our success. The fewer bills we need to pay each month, the fewer hours we need to work.

In fact, Mountain Papa quit his 9-5 job and we moved our family to a new town so we’d have more time together as a family and he can focus on building our passive income. Follow along with our progress in our expense reports.

What You’ll Find Here

In addition to sharing our family’s progress towards a life of freedom, I share simple ways to save time and money.

I want to help you simplify so you can live a life of freedom, too. Whether you hope to travel more, stay at home to raise your kids, or simply have more days where getting dressed is optional, I want to help you get there.

Here you’ll find common sense suggestions that will make your life simpler, save you money, improve your family’s well-being, and benefit the environment. I show you where frugality, simplicity, science, natural parenting, minimalism, and green living intersect. If you’re interested in improving your:

  • finances
  • health
  • sanity
  • relationships
  • children’s health
  • habitat

Then you’re in the right spot. Because you don’t always have to sacrifice in one area to benefit in another. Sometimes it is just that simple.

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