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“Enjoy the time you have while they’re little; they grow up so fast.”

If you’ve heard this parenting advice once, you’ve heard it a thousand times.

And you know how true this is. You’ve already experienced it first hand.

Where, exactly, did your tiny newborn go? How are they so big already?

You know you should be living these moments while they’re young to the fullest, savoring every adorable thing your child does. But how?

Life is chaotic. There are a million things to do, the house is a mess. You’ve been up all night and at work all day. You’re exhausted. Your mind is full of worries: finances, health, the future. By the end of they day you find yourself counting the minutes – no, the seconds – until bedtime.

What are we supposed to be enjoying again?

If any of this sounds familiar, welcome home.

Simple Mountain Mama is a resource for families who want to simplify, live intentionally and make the most of the time they have while their children are little.

Do you dream of staying home but don’t feel you can afford to work less? Or, do you just want to make the time you do have with your little ones more peaceful? Either way, I got you.


I’m Melissa, the voice behind Simple Mountain Mama. Lover of children, crafts, charts, chocolate, and slow living. Mama to a toddler girl (Baby Bear), and a crazy chocolate lab.

My family is on a mission to minimize how much we work and maximize our time together. Our home is still plenty chaotic, but we’re making changes to create a life full of joyful, peaceful days spent together. Our ultimate dream is to build a homestead, work fewer than 20 hours per week, and enjoy our days together.

Follow along on our journey as we:

  • Decrease expenses.
  • Pay off debt.
  • Build savings for the purchase of our property.
  • Purchase our land and start homesteading.

While the end goal for us is to have more time and not more money, living a frugal lifestyle with minimal monthly expenses is essential to our success. The fewer bills we need to pay each month, the fewer hours we need to work.

What You’ll Find Here

In addition to sharing our family’s progress towards a life with more freedom, I share simple ways to save time and money.

I want to help you simplify so you can create a calm, peaceful home and live a life of freedom, too. Whether you hope to travel more, stay at home to raise your kids, or simply have more days where getting dressed is optional, I want to help you get there.

Here you’ll find common sense suggestions that will make your life simpler. I’ll share ways you can save money, time and your sanity while improving your family’s well-being and benefiting the environment. I show you where frugality, simplicity, science, natural parenting, minimalism, and green living intersect. If you’re interested in improving your:

  • finances
  • health
  • sanity
  • relationships
  • children’s health
  • habitat

Then you’re in the right spot. Because you don’t always have to sacrifice in one area to benefit in another. Sometimes it is just that simple.

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