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Where Did it Go? August 2016

This summer flew by. August was a blur of packing, unpacking, paperwork and logistics. We are glad to have the moving process behind us, although there are still quite a few boxes left to be unpacked.

Dog-Dog looks back on August 2016

Dog-Dog enjoying one of her last days in the yard of our old house.

Although it flew by, August was a very busy month for us. We moved our home and my business. Baby Bear’s language has exploded; she is saying all sorts of new words. Mountain Papa left his full-time position and we’ve made some significant strides towards reducing the amount of time we spend working.

Let’s break it down.


This month, I spent 152 hours working. Baby Bear was sick for an entire week, so I had an unexpected week off from work. Though it was unpaid, I was thankful to have the extra time to organize and pack up the house.

Mountain Papa didn’t get in as much overtime this month as he has in the past. He worked 217 hours this month at his full-time job. He also spent around 50 hours working on our home that we’re turning into a rental.

August Chart Time

Mountain Papa clearly spent the most time working this month, but that’s about to change!

Dog-dog Popsicle

Dog-dog and Baby Bear share a popsicle in the backyard. You can tell our pooch is really into it.


This month was a spendy month for us. I’ve noticed we have a hard time staying on track with our spending during times of transition, like this month with our move. Between paying for a moving truck and supplies and figuring out what we need to help us settle into our new house, we’ve gone off-track with our spending. And once we start to go off track a little, we often stop tracking our spending as well and then go even further off course. September is shaping up to be another expensive month, too.

Giving $69  Family birthdays.
Housing $2,194.80 Includes our mortgage, taxes, insurance and money spent getting our home in shape for the renters (including replacing the kitchen counters).
Utilities $242.56 Cell phone, internet, gas and electric, and Hulu and Netflix subscriptions.
Grocery $822.18 Holy Moly! We spent a lot on food this month. Our new home has an extra freezer, so a lot of this money went towards stocking up on food so we won’t have to grocery shop as often in the future.
Clothing $85  This was my birthday month, so I purchased some new clothes for myself as a gift from my hubby (that’s how we roll around here…)
Transportation $431.51 Cost of gas, tolls, and renting a truck to move all of our belongings.
Medical/Health 0
Insurance $102.67 Car insurance plus health insurance for Baby Bear.
Personal $207.75 Little odds and ends that we picked up throughout the month, including a few things that I thought would make our move easier.
Recreation $0
Debt 421.87

+ remainder

We have a low-interest loan on our car and some student loan debt we are trying to eliminate.
Total August 2016 Spending (Less loans) $4,155.47 Wow, this number is big! While we usually spend half of this number each month, this is a good reminder to track our spending even during transitions, and to build in a buffer in our future budgets, because we all have these spendy months once in a  while.

All in all, August was a difficult and stressful month. We’re glad to be on the other side.

How did you spend your summer? Did you have any big expenses? Do you have a harder time tracking your finances when transitioning?

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